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Let’s Play Grand Theft Auto V is now available! LetsPlaysAllDay and 2BG Update

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Let’s Play Grand Theft Auto V and LPAD/2BG Update

Hey everyone! As most of you have seen, Bill’s Let’s Play Grand Theft Auto V series is getting a nice amount of hits over on LetsPlaysAllDay, and we really appreciate that. Here’s the first video:

We really hope you’ve been enjoying it a lot. Franklin is my favorite character so far, and I watch the videos just like everyone else. Bill has a great knowledge of GTAV and I think you’ll find that that’s what separates him from other commentators doing the series. As we go on, the parts will be edited a bit more and become shorter, but this is a series you can DEFINITELY tune into and ensure it will be finished. Let’s Play Grand Theft Auto V is hot right now on a lot of channels, but we feel like Bill will add that extra bit to keep you coming back. As for the rest, I’ve still got DeadPool nearly complete over there and will return to doing some of that this weekend, doubling up on videos for you guys. Our goal on both channels is always at least a video per day, and we hit that goal better than nearly any YouTubers around. In addition, we have Mario Kart Double Dash, which has really been kicking some butt as well. You guys really supported that and Tony Hawk’s Underground tremendously, and we haven’t forgotten that. Look for some more dual play, dual com domination very soon. It’s just Let’s Play Grand Theft Auto V this week, but more will be coming.

We’ve got a LOT of stuff in the works for LetsPlaysAllDay after that, including full Let’s Plays of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch Dogs. Here’s the catch…we’re playing those games at MIDNIGHT. You can expect that on launch night, Bill and I will be dropping bombs. We’ll try to be one of the first channels with gameplay/walkthrough/Let’s Play footage of those games as well. It’s an exciting time for LPAD, and I encourage you to get on board now—it’s gonna be a wild ride in from now through November!

Now that we’ve covered LetsPlaysAllDay, I want to move to the Two Brothers Gaming side of things and inform you a bit on what has been going on, and what will be going on there. Today, Shady00018’s “Baller I.D.” series will feature Hu the Journeyman, and we couldn’t be more excited about that. Hu is a staple of 2BG, and we want to make sure you guys know–this year, Hu will be the FIRST player we create in NBA 2K14, and again, we’ll be playing from shortly after midnight until the wee hours of the morning dropping TONS of videos. So why is Hu going to be the first player? You’ll have to see, but I have a good reason for it (hint: my point guard isn’t going anywhere, just getting…more of an identity). The first thing we’re doing in NBA 2K14 though, is My Team. You know we love it, and with the Developer Insight on My Team dropping today, there’s nobody more excited about that than me. I’ll be opening packs left and right and playing games shortly after midnight, so again, subscribe now and don’t miss a thing.

That leaves us with NBA 2K13. Bill will be dropping a few Classic Teams videos and one final Pacers Association video before October 1, and I’ll be finishing my Road to Olajuwon, Hu the Journeyman, and My Team series. After that, there will be a few mixes at the end, a few montages, if you will, to hold you over. Stay tuned, as there’s a lot going on with both channels. Thank you guys for your support, and be sure to message us on YouTube if you have any questions or comments! Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter:

Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V videos

NBA 2K14 News – King James Pack and Release Date October 1

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NBA 2K14 News – Lebron James Bonus Pack

NBA 2K14 news Lebron James

In NBA 2K14 news, the King James Pack has been announced and release date set for October 1. What does this pack entail, and why should you care about it? Well, for starters, you get 10,000 VC. Compared to the 1000 you got last year, that’s a pretty sweet deal. I’ll be pumping that VC straight into Hu the Journeyman or MyTEAM the night the game comes out, and you can bet that we’ll be dropping videos right at midnight all about the game just like last year. For preordering the game though, you’ll get bonus content for Path to Greatness (which we’re assuming is MyCAREER or MyTEAM rebranded), Lebron James unlocked in Blacktop, the Lebron James Signature Skill (WTF!), and the aforementioned 10K VC. We’re excited to bring you more news about NBA 2K14, especially in the wake of the debacle that was the Spurs’ Game 6 and 7.

NBA 2K14 news will start coming in fast since the NBA Finals are over, and you guys can rest assured we’ll be all over it. We are hoping to be invited to the 2K Community Team Up if it happens again so that we can get feedback, and hopefully get Crew Mode back! It would be an honor to be able to have input on a game that we’ve loved since the original NBA 2K on Dreamcast. Here’s hoping for improvements all around and some more NBA 2K14 news in the coming days, but we’ll be doing some big things in NBA 2K13 until the middle of September, then getting some montages and special videos out to you guys. Stay tuned to more and keep it locked to Two Brothers Gaming for a speculation/news video on NBA 2K14.

NBA 2K13 MyTEAM Defense – It’s Important!

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NBA 2K13 MyTEAM defense is important! It will definitely win you games, and I’ve rediscovered a few things that will help you out. These are my EXACT settings in MyTEAM when the matchup screen and defensive settings are shown:

Play Tight and Deny Ball on all matchups. This helps you get some easy turnovers if the person you’re playing likes to make long passes or cross-court ones. The computer defender playing off-ball defense will be closer to the ball and more likely to deflect the pass, resulting in a turnover and easy points for you. A nice steal in the late game is a momentum changer!

Double Team set to Never, Hard Hedge and Go Under for Screens. Some people will use different settings, but this is what worked for me. With people in the later seeds getting guys like Dell or Stephen Curry and making one pass for a three-pointer, you want to watch out for pick and pop plays. Hard hedging discourages them from shooting with a hand in their face (sometimes) and will let you get back in position to defend, leaving neither offensive player involved in the pick play open. That way, you aren’t double-teaming the guy you think is going to shoot and hoping your opponent doesn’t pass. I hate double teaming on defense for this reason. I feel that it’s better to play straight-up, solid defense and get a hand in the shooter’s face consistently. I’ve won a lot doing this instead of gambling.

These are not meant to say, “This is the ONLY way,” but moreso to show what I do. It takes awhile to set things up, but very much is worth it. Another thing to consider is your coaching settings and the playbook. Everyone, myself included, looked over these at the start. I usually rock the Thunder or Heat playbook, but did you know that you can modify the settings for those playbooks in-game? The video above shows all of these settings and then their effect in my full gameplay. Make sure you subscribe to Two Brothers Gaming for more NBA 2K13 MyTEAM defense tips and LetsPlaysAllDay for some great dual commentaries from Bill and myself letting loose!

NBA 2K13 MyCAREER Point Guard – The History

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NBA 2K13 MyCAREER Point Guard

My NBA 2K13 MyCAREER Point Guard is an All-Around PG and based loosely on myself as a player. My Point Guard was a SG in NBA 2K10, but from NBA 2k11 until now decided to take the reigns of the team. He acts as the main “hero” character on Two Brothers Gaming, taking criticism to heart and trying to stick with one team in order to bring them success.

NBA 2K10 brought championships with the Spurs and Heat, then NBA 2K11 was the first year that I fully recorded the game from the beginning of my My Player season.  I chose to be an Athletic PG after being an Athletic SG in NBA 2K10 My Player. I was drafted by the Nets without an easy path to the title, but made it happen. NBA 2K12 was a challenge from the start, and after my All-Around PG was drafted by the Suns and made the playoffs as a very low seed, we ended up taking the title from the Boston Celtics in a sweep. The catchphrase “How’s it Taste?!?” originated this year, and the story of my PG’s struggles became well-known throughout the YouTube community, as it made for a great storyline to an even better season. I ended my 2K12 career with the Pacers after only a few games to prepare for NBA 2K13.

Now, my NBA 2K13 MyCAREER Point Guard is taking over the Portland Trail Blazers, and it’s looking like another compelling season. We’ve already traded for Taj Gibson and Jason Richardson, and I’m looking for that shoe deal! Keep watching and we’ll keep pumping out the good content on Two Brothers Gaming.

NBA 2K13 My Career Center Hu the Journeyman – Some Background Info

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Hu the Journeyman is what started Two Brothers Gaming on a path to being noticed by the sports gaming and NBA 2K community. Originally never intended to see the light of day, Hu has become an unexpected success on 2BG in part for the originality of the character, and in part for the gameplay. He is currently my NBA 2K13 My Career Center in NBA 2K13.

In NBA 2K11, Hu started with a great draft combine and I just kept recording from there. He couldn’t find a team that fit, the story was great, and a bunch of new people kept watching and commenting on our videos. I kept pumping out the parts, and eventually played for the Raptors, Warriors, Bulls, Suns, Jazz, Mavericks, Heat, and Hornets all in that first year. People loved Hu’s wild dunks, crazy athleticism, and quirky press conference answers, so I went with the crazy persona—a mix between Chris “Birdman” Anderson and Dennis Rodman with more offensive game. I made him the tallest possible in the game every year.

NBA 2K12 came and although I didn’t like the game as much, Hu was still going strong and ended up on the Knicks, Timberwolves, and Thunder. He did help spread the word about 2BG this year, heading to baef’s Subscriber Sundays and Ipodkingcarter’s So You Think You Can Commentate series.

Now in NBA 2K13 you have the opportunity to shape Hu’s destiny. He’s already been on the Rockets, Magic, and Cavaliers…what’s next? Hu is a blast to play with for an NBA 2K13 My Career Center. Thanks for supporting Hu the Journeyman, my MyCAREER Athletic Center for NBA 2K13.