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NBA 2K14 My Career Center Hu the Journeyman Explained – My Career PS4 Tips!

Posted on: February 27th, 2014 by admin No Comments

NBA 2K14 My Career Center Hu the Journeyman Explained – My Career PS4 Tips!

My NBA 2K14 My Career Center is Hu the Journeyman, and I wanted to tell those of you that may be confused about him what I originally created him for. A lot of you are new to 2BG Nation, so I’ll lay it out:

Hu is a wild man, plain and simple. I created him in NBA 2K11 on a whim, late at night, because I wanted something…different. Different is Hu’s whole thing in My Career. How many times have you played your normal My Career mode character in NBA 2K14 and went, “this is cool, but I want to try something new?” That’s what Hu was all about for me. I had a point guard, so why not create the most ridiculous center the game had to offer?

I set about tatting him up, giving him all sorts of weird accessories, and an unusual hair cut, and ended up with almost a punk-styled version of Chris “Birdman” Andersen, who he gets compared to a lot. I made him the maximum height for dominance and then turned out the Draft Combine with a big double double. I was having a blast.

Believe it or not, he was never set up to be a journeyman. I simply had no luck getting drafted to good teams, and when I requested trades, something would always happen where I’d get on another bad team or they’d trade away players that helped make the team good, so I decided to make it a mini-series and make a story out of it…and the rest is history. Hu the Journeyman was born.

The NBA 2K14 My Career Center series did really well, even with my terrible video quality at the time, and you can see those videos to this day on the channel. Sometime I’ll get a list together of the teams I’ve been on, because now my goal is to journey to all 30 teams.

In NBA 2K14, a lot of people have asked me for My Career Center tips, especially on post moves and rebounding on PS4. I’m planning on having some of those together soon. For now, enjoy the most recent video — my Spurs debut:

If you want to see more, make sure to head here:

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