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NBA 2K15 News – Face Scan and Exclusive My Team News! Post Play/Rebounding to Come!

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Hey guys, just wanted to update you on all the great NBA 2K15 news we’ve been dropping on the channel as a result of the Community Team Up event that Robby went to. Here you go:

NBA 2K15 Face Scan is real! You can now take yourself into the game via PSN Camera or XBox One camera to scan your face into the game via Face Scan Technology. I was able to go to the 2K Offices and have my face scanned into the game, and the results were incredible. I love it already, and this alone is making me bring back my MyCAREER Point Guard for NBA 2K15. I can’t wait to show you guys more exclusive news and updates with the game. Next up is Post Play and Rebounding.

NBA 2K15 My Team is going to be absolutely incredible. I was able to sit down with the developers of My Team for NBA 2K15 and get some exclusive information on the mode you won’t find anywhere else. In this video, I cover things like the matchmaking for NBA 2K15 My Team Mode, the Road to the Playoffs and Challenge modes in full detail, the way Challenge Mode played, how your coaches will now help you, your choices relating to gameplay options (no more 1-3-1 and charge cheese and posterizer!) and setting your team up, the new seed restrictions and packs, and even the appearance of some big names in My Team. There are also new levels or tiers of cards this year, and we’ll get to those soon as well as giving you some more exclusive screenshots of the mode straight from 2K.

I want to take the time to thank the My Team developers as well as everyone at 2K for being so gracious with their time and open about the mode with me, as well as implementing my feedback in this year’s version of the game as well as next. 2K really listens to its players and does a great job giving us the best experience we can get every year. It’s obvious to me that NBA 2K15 My Team is a gigantic step forward for the franchise. Stay tuned to 2BG for more My Team info!

More Madden 15! Ultimate Team Pack Opening and Connected Player Franchise!

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Here are a couple more Madden 15 videos, of both Ultimate Team and Connected Player Franchise:

Madden 15 Ultimate Team – First Look on Two Brothers Gaming!

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Madden 15 Ultimate Team – First Look on Two Brothers Gaming!

Madden 15 Ultimate Team has me really excited! I posted this quick intro video to see what you guys think. I appreciate all the opportunities we’ve been getting lately on the channel and can’t wait to show you more! So far Ultimate Team has seen a big improvement and the gameplay feels good. I can’t wait to bring you guys more, including some pack openings and my experiences trying to improve! I plan on playing Ultimate Team all year after only getting Madden 25 in December last year. Hopefully I can improve and get some great players, then build a sweet strategy and get those wins! I’m also excited to check out Gauntlet and Connected Player modes and post some information and videos on them. All around, I feel like the menu system is better and the game feels much smoother. Madden 15 drops on August 26; be sure to check it out! Thanks for watching and supporting us! Subscribe here.

Let’s Play Watch Dogs is LIVE on LetsPlaysAllDay – First Impressions, Thoughts

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Let’s Play Watch Dogs is AMAZING so far, and I have to drop the video in here for you guys before I do anything else. Your support is appreciated:

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s impressions time! I’ve played through about 4 hours of the game so far and simply love it. Every time a new game comes out, you go through the “honeymoon” phase with it where you’re constantly impressed and wowed by every new miniscule thing, and you see it through rose-colored glasses. I get that, but what makes Watch Dogs great for me so far is the simple fun factor. I have FUN playing this game! It’s fun to hack peoples’ phones, read the bios of the people you hack, drive around wrecking people…and oh, by the way, there’s a fantastic storyline that sucks you in and keeps you from simply going on a hooker-punching, civilian-wrecking rampage of debauchery. This game is DEEP, and I have a feeling I know where I’ll be spending a lot of my time, and some of my money on the Season Pass once I can — Right here with Watch Dogs.

Let’s Play Watch Dogs has already started on LetsPlaysAllDay, and it’d be amazing to have your support and spreading the word. I’ll be playing the heck out of this game for the near future, and it appears that there’s enough to keep me interested for a long time, and that’s without even starting the online gameplay at all. I’m hoping people don’t hack into my stuff or I’ll get mad! I encourage anyone that’s on the fence about getting this game to pick it up. I don’t know if it’ll meet EVERY expectation laid out for it, but it definitely meets my expectations in what a good game should be — engrossing, fun, and deep. Enjoy the Let’s Play Watch Dogs over on LetsPlaysAllDay!

MLB 14 The Show Diamond Dynasty, Road to the Show, Franchise, and More on 2BG NOW!

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MLB 14 The Show Diamond Dynasty

MLB 14 The Show Diamond Dynasty

MLB 14 The Show Diamond Dynasty is where it’s at, and I say that only a few short hours after the game turned one day old. I love it. I’ll have my first full gameplay up later tonight, but for now, I popped open 200m Budget worth of packs and got some GREAT pulls:

I have been spending hours already in Diamond Dynasty and I know I’ll be sticking with it all year and posting videos. The uniform creation alone you can spend several hours on. The only negative I see so far is the lack of contract extensions in the game.

The creation in Road to the Show mode is so deep, you could spend hours customizing your player. I’m loving that mode as well, and you can bet you’ll see plenty of my Road to the Show Center Fielder. For now, I put up the creation and Topps Amateur Showcase:

You’ll definitely like episode 2 today, as I get off to a nice start with the Richmond Flying Squirrels in my AA debut.

As for Bill, he’ll be doing a RTTS of his own, and his San Francisco Giants Franchise debuts TODAY on the channel. You gotta head over to Two Brothers Gaming for that. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitch as well. I plan on doing some live streaming very soon, but for now, I’m focused on pumping out some Show, then NBA2K and Madden possibly tonight as well. Thanks for rocking with us, #2BGNation!