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NBA 2K13 MyTEAM Tips

Posted on: November 14th, 2012 by admin No Comments

NBA 2K13 MyTEAM TipsNBA 2K13 MyTEAM is a lot of fun, and I wanted to share a few keys to success. I don’t consider myself an expert or unbeatable, but I’ve done pretty well in the mode so far, and you can check it out on Two Brothers Gaming:


  1. Defense. Defense. Defense. And after that, some defense. If you don’t play good D in this mode, you will get beaten, whether it’s by three-point trolls (close out on shooters!), all-star teams, or simply a smart all-around offensive player.
  2. Rebounding. If you control the boards, you can control the game. You’ve probably heard this before in basketball circles in real life, but it’s true in-game too. What good is getting a bunch of stops on defense if you can’t rebound the misses you force? Pick up some good rebounders, particularly at the Power Forward and Center positions. I make a few suggestions on the channel about this. Look at the real-life Bulls last year. First seed in the east, first in rebounding. Not a coincidence.
  3. Signature Skills. As I’ve advanced to higher seeds in MyTEAM, I realized that I started running into a bunch of All-Star teams full of purchased or earned stacked players. To combat this and be able to sleep at night, don’t forget to use the Signature Skills (provided you’ve saved or bought enough VC to pay the extra salary to your players for having them equipped). This can be a sneaky way to get  one over on your opponent if, say, you give Andre Iguodala an outside shot to go with his great driving and dunking skills. Even if it’s just catching the opponent off-guard for a few possessions, that can go a long way in a tight game where the odds are stacked in your opponent’s favor.
  4. Use the Market. Real NBA knowledge helps. Knowing who’s injured, who’s blowing up, and who to get rid of is important, as you can make some easy VC and get the players you want if you know when to sell and when to buy players. Again for emphasis—knowledge is power!
  5. Play it smart. Finally, adjusting in-game is specifically what I refer to when I say “smart.” If you only play one style or don’t adjust to your opponent’s strategies accordingly, you’ll eventually lose. Playing a three-point shooting team? Play them tight; don’t run a zone! If your opponent switches strategy and you find yourself behind, call a timeout and make sure you have your mind right.

These are just some things that have helped me so far. There’s no substitute for having good NBA 2K13 MyTEAM players, but you can combat those all-star teams and win if you use some of the strategies above. Thanks for reading guys, and of course supporting Two Brothers Gaming and LetsPlaysAllDay!